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Friday, April 29, 2011

She is amazing!!!

This is Gabby singing at her school in Fox Idol, there was just one small technical error in the beginning. All I wanted to yell was TURN THE MIC ON YOU bleep! (At the technical guy...LOL) She again was just amazing tonight and we are so very proud of her. Please enjoy the video, courtesy of her Daddy. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Long time no blog

Wow I used to be better at updating, need to get back with it!!! But it just seems with all my daily duties work, bills, taking care of the house, dog, husband..LOL, and lets not forget what takes up most of my time when I get home taking care of the little man (Best baby in the world in our eyes), so blogging just has not been at the top of my list. Man time has just been a flying Hunter will be 15 months coming up & little miss Gabby is 9 now speaking of the little miss she will be in Fox Idol at her school coming up we are very proud of her that she made it she will be singing "Colors of the wind" from the Pocahontis Disney movie she is such a goof ball we asked her to sing it for us and she was totally nervous and did not want to do it, we asked her why not and she told us because she knows us and those people will be strangers we talked her into it and she sang for us all I can say is WOW she will do amazing out there I'm so freaken emotional these days so of course while she is singing it I had tears and it was so cool to see how Hunter was responding to her while she sang all he wanted to do was see her he kept trying to move his head towards her. Again we are so PROUD of her!!!
Onto the little man he has been doing pretty good for the most part (we are crossing our fingers) that he keeps going in this direction we are almost off of the Kepra completely excited & nervous at the same time! But hey one less med we have to give him. He now has 4 little toofers and oh man watch yours fingers he bites hard...LOL!
Well I better stop blabbing and get back to my duties before bed time. I hope that everyone had a great Easter!

The Isaacson's

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Check out this post...


Guaranteed to get a good laugh! Wow some people would try and sell anything!

By the way Hunter has been doing okay? All the blood test results have came back fine, but we are still having issues with him going potty!!! We are still not too sure what is going on there? He got a new haircut and he is looking quite hansom, but he already was before...of course!
We are still taking a day at a time because we are sure going through some ups and downs...He is going to be 14 months here soon time is still flying!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

The Isaacson's