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Friday, October 29, 2010

More bad news...

The upper GI did not go as planned, he really has bad reflux so when they do put the G tube in they have to go and do something extra they tighten his esophagus so that nothing will come back up.

Wow I know things could be worse like we could not have him but this has been a week of pure hello!

Just allot thrown at us in a few days time!

Prayers for Hunter....

The Isaacson's

Hunter Hospital pics....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Poor baby Hunter....

The swallow study did not go very well.

Come to find out Hunter is aspirating when he eats.

So that means he will get a G tube in his belly :( he will get the permanent G tube sometime next week. We will be able to come home tomorrow after his upper GI test

(Thank goodness we get to go home with him for a little bit)

This news to us is heartbreaking in many ways to us, I feel a loss because here is one more thing that he cannot do that is typical, I am not saying in no way that I would want him any different I just want the best for him.

When Nick called to tell me I was in the middle of buying his formula, as soon as he told me things with the test did not go well I just lost it those people at Babies R' Us are probably thinking I was nuts because with tears coming down my face & me telling them to cancel the transaction with me running out of the store

(wow I felt a little psycho!!!)

Again please keep our little guy in your prayers.


The Isaacson's

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hunter is back at his 2nd HOME....

In the ER

Settled in his room

Visit from Cardinals & they gave Hunter this YADI bag sooo cute!

RED Bird even came

and signed his awsome bag....
Our veiw from the 12th floor

New Hunter pictures...LOVE THEM

Friday, October 22, 2010


Okay, I lied no new pics today, sorry!
They were not ready yet but hopefully I will have them by Monday.
Then the pics that my mom took of Hunter on the Combine with Papa were on her IPhone & we didn't get them loaded to a computer yet, got a little side tracked with the wee little special one.

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend :) !!!!

The Isaacson's

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I will hopefully have some new pics up of cute little Hunter tomorrow he went on his 1st Combine ride with Papa Roger today. He slept the entire time....
Meemaw took pictures for me, since I was not there :(
Then the new pics that the photographer took on Monday I am suppose to get those too!
Keeping my fingers crossed for those, they are gonna be too cute!
Hope everyone is having a great Thursday....It's almost FRIDAY by the way!!!!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010






PRICELE$$ !!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweet little Hunter

Hunter decided to wake up around 3 am and blab so mommy was up a little with him.

I went to go pick him up out of his crib stood him up and he actually looked at his deer on his mobile and looked back at me...talk about complete shock!

Guess they were right about the vision may become a little better once we get a little better hold on the seizure activity.

All I have to say is that look was heaven sent and I looked at him and told him you just made mommy's day and mooched his cute little chubby cheek...oh how sweet that little boy is!

Hopefully I made some people smile!

The Isaacson's

Monday, October 11, 2010

more pics

His outfit for Saturday Night Halloween party....

I just started snapping pics of him because he just looked too cute!

More pictures from the weekend

Hunter slept pretty much the entire time...

Gabby made her own Jump rope!

Still sleeping..

Picking out our Pumpkin



Fall Harvest Days Pics