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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Poor baby Hunter....

The swallow study did not go very well.

Come to find out Hunter is aspirating when he eats.

So that means he will get a G tube in his belly :( he will get the permanent G tube sometime next week. We will be able to come home tomorrow after his upper GI test

(Thank goodness we get to go home with him for a little bit)

This news to us is heartbreaking in many ways to us, I feel a loss because here is one more thing that he cannot do that is typical, I am not saying in no way that I would want him any different I just want the best for him.

When Nick called to tell me I was in the middle of buying his formula, as soon as he told me things with the test did not go well I just lost it those people at Babies R' Us are probably thinking I was nuts because with tears coming down my face & me telling them to cancel the transaction with me running out of the store

(wow I felt a little psycho!!!)

Again please keep our little guy in your prayers.


The Isaacson's

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  1. My prayers are with you. Remember that skin to skin contact is so wonderful for the little guys.I asked Jenn if you had a Moby Wrap and she said no she doesnt think so. Im not sure if you wear him in a carrier but a Moby is the best thing ever made for a baby needing to be close to mommy.It takes a few times to get use to tieing it as you can get lost in the fabric but I cant live with out mine and I know youd love it. Let me know if you'd like one or if you think youd love to try one.The bonding you get from having the baby so close is to me I think the most sweetest kind of love ever. Id love to get you one :) Many blessings