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Friday, September 3, 2010


My little cutie pie!!!
He finally decided to smile for the camera!

He had a rough night last night so I was on the phone with oncall at 10:00 PM becuase after seeing 15 or more small seizures I was at my breaking point on what to do.
I called and this very sweet Doctor gave me some sort of direction, we gave him some Clonazapam that calmed him down a bit.
That was a huge relief to me, let's just say I slept a little better last night.
Nick stayed up with him till about 1:00 AM just to be sure that he was going to snap out of it.
This morning I went to pick him up and he seemed like he was in a better humar, he started talking to me.
I hope that soon little Mr. Hunter will get his days and nights right again.
I wish everyone a safe and happy weekend, looks like we are going to have goergeous weather so ready for it!!!!

Love, The Isaacson

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