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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Update on Hunter

Well we have a 3rd and hopefully final diagnosis for Hunter.
(As of 9/17/2010: Microcephaly with a simplified brain pattern, cortical eye impairment, seizures, infantile spasms & the spots which we do not know too much about, that is why I making another Derm Appt.)
The other 2 diagnosis were 1st Polymicrogyria, seizures & spots, 2nd Pachygyria, seizures & spots the 3rd is the one above.

So the other 2 kids that are like Hunter are in one family one is an infant and the other I am not sure what his or her age is.
One has a similar brain scan as Hunter the same spots but no seizures or infantile spasms. The other kid has a similar brain scan as Hunter has the spots and this one has seizures and infantile spasms.
So according to this doctor that I talked to on Friday they are trying to see if they are linked in any kind of way.
They are going to be doing lots of research on Hunter and these other 2 kids like Hunter because they are so rare. (rare meaning the spots that they have all over there bodies and the other linking factors in this.)
They are telling us this is going to be a long process and will take awhile to determine what caused this whether it is in between Nick and I or just a fluke thing that just happened to Hunter.
When we go in on the 29th of this month to see Dr. Weisenberg we will be talking with this new doctor that I talked to on Friday he works very closely with Dr. Dobyns that is in Seattle, if you do not know who Dr. Dobyns is he a doctor that specializes in kids like Hunter. I know quite a few moms that have gotten there kids diagnosis from him, so he is top notch when it comes to our children.

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