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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hunter had a pretty bad drop on his oxygen this afternoon for about a good 1/2 hour, he is now stable and sleeping he had a pretty hard seizure and they have to give him 2 ER drugs to get him to stop.

Nick & I have been faced with some pretty hard decisions this afternoon on how we want things carried out at this point.
We decided on no trache at this point the doctors and us think that this will not make a difference on his outcome since the other 2 kids with his same diagnosis are trached and not progressing at all.
Hunter will more than likely be sent home as long as he keeps his stats up on Thursday, he will be sent home on hospice.

Right now all we can do is love him and love on him and keep him close to us, we do not have a time line at this point we will as we were before taking everyday as a gift to be with him and still have him.
Nick & Samantha Isaacson

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