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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It is scheduled for Monday November, 8th Dr. Dillon will be putting his Gtube in.

Hunter will not need the surgery to fix (esophagus) or his so called reflux Dr. Dillon thought it was not necessary because Hunter does not spit up much.

Wow this is going to feel like an eternity just for that day to get here.
We are still feeding him like normal but now we are all a little scared to feed him!
But, we are doing what the doctors say is okay.

He gave us a big scare on Monday he went all day with out drinking a thing & only had one wet diaper, as soon as I found out I had Nick bring him home and I was going to take him back into Children's but I ended up getting him to take 15 oz. of milk & pedialite I called the oncall and they said he was fine to stay home.

Then yesterday he did 18 oz. of milk and was happy all day.

This morning I got him to take 7 oz. of milk but this time he got extremely congested so I am still really worried about our little guy getting these liquids in his lungs.
Hunter doctors & nurses have told us to call and give them updates just to make sure he is doing okay.

Thanks again for all they support and prayers!

Nick, Samantha, Gabby & Hunter Isaacson

Papa Isaacson

Grandma Isaacson

Poor Hunter was getting so sleepy!

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  1. We are thinking of you guys during this time. I know Hunter will do great!

    Jen & Zane