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Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's next.....

Now that we have the Therapist thing figured out for now...Here we go again, lets just move to the next issue!!!!!
Sounds like there is no more room to move up on the new drug from Canada and Hunter is still having seizures not as many but he is still having many.
So they are going to give this Canada drug another 2 weeks to really kick in and if it has not we have to move to step 2 the Vigabantrim (spell??) this is the one that may cause the perrifial vision issues while on the drug, but they have said that adults have only complained about that while on it.
So if that does not work either then we will probably start the Ketogenic diet I have heard that the stats are 2 out of 3 kids that do this helps there seizures get under control, my only worry is that he will not gain weight and grow like other kids his age because it's a diet.
It sounds to me that Hunter will most likely be on the diet sooner than later, so here comes another hospital stay because he will have to be taken off the Topamax and have to fast for 24 hours before starting the diet then while starting the diet he has to be monitored in the hospital for a few days. (More learning for mommy & daddy)
But I still am in hopes that between these 2 drugs one of them will work and we will not have to worry about this diet.

Hunter still has been staying awake during the day and his dad told me that he has been talking a lot today, he has not ate to much still working on that.
Last night I went to my mothers to pick him up and started I talking to him and he would just smile from ear to ear with those cute little dimples! Too sweet!

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