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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Had to post both!

These are 2 little video clips of Hunter playing with his V-tech laptop "one of his favorite toys" to some it may be simple for them to touch a button and they figure it out pretty fast on how to play with it, but with
Hunter this took a lot practice learning how to push the buttons to make it play music. Hunter since his 1st birthday has been learning how to play with this toy that makes him very happy and he usually plays with it every night.
The reason I had to post both was one is pretty good and you can see how he hits the buttons and the other one is just too dang cute because he gave the biggest smile right in the camera, sorry I am a proud mama that loves this little man and those smiles that he gives just make me melt!
Enjoy the little video clips, also sorry I am not to good at holding the camera still.


  1. You made my night - what a sweet video!!!! AND...where did all that hair come from????

  2. Wonderful! Have you thought about getting a Kids Computer yet?

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