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Monday, December 20, 2010

Another ER visit....

We decided to get him into the Pediatrician this morning because of him sounding so congested (or more congested than normal) his normal Pediatrician is not in this week so we had to see one that is not use too Hunter.

I was at work and his Grandma took him. Got a call from her telling me that they wanted to take him to the ER on O2 because he was O2 was 82.

I had to convince the doctor that it was okay that he did not need to ride in the Ambulance to the ER and to have his Grandma take him and I would meet her there. Finally convinced him that's what we are going to do.

We got there and they hooked him up to the monitor and his stats were looking okay? Lowest he got was 88 on his O2 they went ahead and gave him two breathing treatments and was stating good 98 to 100.

He had an X-ray done and he has some slight pneumonia on his left lung so he is on some Antibiotics and is still on breathing treatments when needed.

They also sent us home with O2 and a monitor, so we have a LOAD to take with us wherever we go (I feel like we are moving a house when we go places....) Feeding machine w/ pole, Suction machine, Monitor, O2 tank, baby bag & Baby Hunter!!!!! We will also be adding a new wheelchair in the next few months whenever it goes through the insurance.

Speaking of insurance we found out today that our insurance company does not cover the Wings RN's to come to the house so here is another battle! Why do they make everything so hard when it is already hard enough!

So as of now he is doing okay sleeping away while his mother & father's hair is falling out in clumps....UGH!

Please keep our little man in your prayers...


Nick & Samantha

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  1. Praying for your sweet little boy and for all of you.