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Friday, December 17, 2010

Hunter Vs. Seizures....

Well I was off yesterday becauseof the lovely ice we had come in Wednesday night.
Hunter slept most of the morning, it was nice watching the cute little guy sleep so peacefully.

Then....the seizures started...Ugh!
He had another increase in his seizures yesterday, his last few that he had he was trying so hard to fight them off because the last few that he had only lasted a second or two.
We did not have to give him any ER drugs because they were so scattered through out the day and the only way we will give him the ER drug is if he has a cluster of 3 in an hour, he got dang close to getting it though because he had 2 in a 1/2 hour then none till an hour later.
He was pretty lethargic after all that they just tire him out...poor little guy.

No seizures yet today & he may finally get to see Suzie his DT that he has not seen in over a month because of the hospital stays that we have had.

Well hoping for another UNEVENTFUL weekend like last weekend (crossing my fingers)!!!!


Nick, Samantha, Gabby & Hunter Isaacson


  1. Glad to hear that you didn't need to give him any emergency meds. We had to unfortunately give Zane one today because of cluster seizures. Darn seizures go away and leave our sweet boys alone. :(